The Anthony Harper fit-out, by Wingates, over two levels of the ANZ Centre, celebrates the views and even the non-hierarchical nature of the law firm itself

Interiors by Wingates

From the interior designers:

The move by  Anthony Harper – one of New Zealand’s longest established law firms – to a new 1280m² workplace on Levels 34 and 35 of the ANZ Tower in Auckland’s CBD  was a crucial next step in the firm’s 150-year journey and an opportunity to invest in their vision for the future.

Priding themselves on an inspiring collegiate culture and being an ‘employer of choice’, their aspiration and brief were to step away from the look of a traditional law firm and to create a new working environment that showcases internally and externally their renowned inclusive culture.

Creating a collaborative, non-hierarchical space that looks to meet their values and how they want to be perceived by others, the result has been an exciting free flowing workplace which provides an engaging environment for a diverse group of talented legal professionals to continue delivering their best work.

Level 34 showcases the Anthony Harper brand as well as welcoming clients formally and informally alongside the backdrop of the expansive views of Auckland’s Waitemata harbour.

Level 35 delivers a vibrant and balanced staff floor with generous social and breakout areas, plus an innovative 180mm raised floor design solution that creates an equitable distribution of employee experience and comfort regardless of position in the firm or on the floorplate.

Overall, the Anthony Harper brand and colour palette are woven into the design of the interior fit-out and acknowledge connection to the character of the business and what it has been built on. 

The new workplace provides the optimal setting  to continue the firm's success and continual growth into the future.

With 360-degree views of the Waitemata harbour, Auckland CBD, the North Shore and Rangitoto Island, the ANZ Tower has become a significant landmark in the city – one that is adjacent to the changes that have taken place in Albert St over the years as a result of the construction of the Central Rail Link.  

As an already existing professional services office building the relocation was an opportunity to provide the Anthony Harper staff a place of work that was adjacent to the vibrancy and excitement of the developing parts of the city. 

The newly designed workplace needed to complement the existing location, quality of shared amenities and also offer a destination of choice for staff and visitors.

On level 34 the curved nature of the space and the shifting movement of the harbour guided the form of meeting rooms and the flow of movement through the space. 

Solid wall vs glazing frame views and lead to spaces to engage with and appreciate different view shafts.

The deep curved floorplate of ANZ tower provided a challenge and an opportunity – how to respond to the building form and create a unique layout that didn't feel like there was best and second best space.

Through a raised platform on Level 35, we addressed the central zone in the depth of the floorpate – elevating it by 180mm to look over the perimeter zone and also enjoy the views. 

It also provided a solution for services to this central area, where we were restricted on slab penetrations but also wanted to maintain an open feeling without too many service droppers. 

The platform became a service zone, a viewing platform and a unique design element within a typical office tower floor.

The tight timeframe, with a design and construction programme of just over 9 months right from the 'get go', also presented a challenge. 

Communications and coordination amongst all project stakeholders and the Anthony Harper team were key factors in ensuring the success of this project.

Vibrant colours were selected throughout to showcase Anthony Harper's brand identity. 

The choice of terrazzo on Level 34, along with the ceiling design, reflected the form of the building and the typology of the surrounding natural landscape.  

Close collaboration with Autex to achieve bespoke ceiling designs was achieved to create a functional acoustic environment essential for comfortable working in a legal firm.

The project was a traditional method of construction, with Wingates acting as lead designer alongside an external project manager and main contractor. 

Material selections were traditional and practical to suit a modern workplace environment for a professional services firm that has consistent occupation.  

Durability was key in all selections while meeting the aesthetic requirement for the overall design intent.

A key driver and influence behind the design was the law firm itself. 

While other law firms typically have third party art collections, at Anthony Harper the space became the art through elements such as the changing timber feature arrival wall and the bright colour pop on reception wall.

Credit list

Anthony Harper in the ANZ Centre, Auckland CBD 
Project manager
Rebbeck Dunn Watters
Quantity surveyors
Barnes Beagley Doherr
Marshall Day Acoustics
Ceiling and wall panels
Fletcher Design, Kada, Aspect Furniture, UFL Group, Vidak, Simon James
APT Innovation
Jono Parker
Interior design
Savory Construction
Fire engineer
Water dispenser
Advance, Heritage Carpets, Jacobsen
SCE Stone and Design

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16 Jun, 2024

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