New concrete slab office is open and minimalist

Designed with a focus on minimalism and sustainability, the new office for Asceptic Process Equipment is modern and functional
Story by: David Renwick
A closer view of the facade architecture, building, commercial building, corporate headquarters, facade, house, real estate, gray
A closer view of the facade

Architect: AUM Pierre MinassianPhotographer: Erick SailletAbout the project: The new office for Asceptic Process Equipment had a challenging brief – design a building with office space, sterile laboratories and storage facilities. It also needed to be built in a picturesque setting.Architect Pierre Minassian came up with a two building concept. The first is constructed of white concrete, and this building houses the office space. The second is constructed of black concrete, and is home to the storage areas and clean rooms. You enter the buildings through a joint space between them.The white building, being the showcase for the company, is fitted with a glass skin on its entire east elevation. It's constructed of a white raw concrete shell, with the roof a metal decked slab.The office area is organised along a corridor that runs alongside a zen patio. The interior designs are custom made in lacquered wood and glass, and the floor made of polished black concrete (Granito).The building has an opaque appearance from the exterior, with only a small number of openings on the north side for deliveries. There are also windows on the east side, to provide an outlook to the patio and allow natural light into the small number of offices located on this side.Find out more about the architects here:www.aum.fr


Oct 25, 2017





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