Moroccan influence creates character interior

Tiles of Ezra – hand-made Moroccan zellige tiles – feature throughout the company owner's own home. These character tiles are now available at The Tile Depot

Tiles of Ezra – hand-made Moroccan zellige tiles – are available in New Zealand exclusively at The Tile Depot.  

Georgia Ezra is owner and director of the company Tiles of Ezra and has used her zellige tiles extensively throughout her home in Australia and what better way to introduce the beauty and unique character of this range, than a tour through the founder’s home.

Passing through the front door of her Melbourne home is akin to being transported to an entirely different country.  

Rich in ethnic design and organic elements, the home oozes serenity, and more than a touch of Morocco.

The home is occupied by the Australian interior designer, of Studio Ezra, her builder husband and their two children. 

A design and build dream team, they undertook the renovation of their 1950s Spanish Mission-style home with a very clear objective – to create a healthy and calming family home that is a true escape from the world outside.

“We wanted to really create something that felt like you were taken off the streetscape and into our own escape – we wanted to feel like we weren’t in Melbourne when we entered our home," says Georgia Ezra. 

"We knew that we wanted something that was healthy for our family, we’ve got two young children and we wanted them growing up in a house that made them feel calm."

Renowned for her signature exotic design style and experiential spaces, Georgia Ezra's home is a showcase of her Studio Ezra design aesthetic and Moroccan hand-made zellige tiles, from her Tiles of Ezra brand.

From the second you step through the doorway of this home, your feet descend upon the clays of Morocco. 

Unglazed zellige mosaics traverse the floors throughout much of the home, creating a connection to the earth, not achievable with any other flooring.

Their unevenness and imperfections are a tactile experience for bare feet.

A light neutral palette adorns the walls, with arched passageways leading into what feels like an exotic retreat in a faraway land. 

Natural materials, wooden detailing and repurposed elements from the original house, connect throughout all areas of the home, with an easy cohesion and natural flow – the effect is one of warmth and harmony.

Tiles of Ezra zellige tiles not only adorn the floors, but also feature on selected walls in three bathrooms, the kitchen and a fireplace surround. 

In all areas, a neutral colour palette of clay, off-whites and very soft greys, feature in the tile selections, which combine perfectly with the other natural materials throughout the home. 

The result is a calm and tactile home, that has few straight edges and lots of organic influences – the calm and escapism Georgia Ezra and her husband sought for their home, was definitely achieved.

Tiles of Ezra tiles are hand-made using centuries old techniques. 

They are authentic, quality zellige, produced by artisans who take immense pride in their work. 

Every zellige tile is unique from the next, and the tile variations and imperfections in the surfaces and glazing, are all part of the zellige charm. 

They are produced with natural materials and very little environmental impact. They represent both the sustainability of resources and the sustainability of an ancient craft. 

Not all zellige tiles are created equal and Tiles of Ezra are considered to be one of the best.

It is for these reasons that The Tile Depot has paired with Georgia Ezra, to bring stocked lines of Tiles of Ezra zellige to New Zealand. 

Ethical, authentic and sustainable, Zellige and Bejmat Tiles of Ezra are unique to the New Zealand market and will introduce a touch of Moroccan charm to our local interiors.

To find out more about these individualistic, character tiles and to explore the wide range of quality tiles available head online to The Tile Depot website here

Credit list

Interior design
Studio Ezra
AHW; Georgia Ezra
Morris & Co Construction
Tiles of Ezra (now available from The Tile Depot)

Designed by: Georgia Ezra

Story by: Trendsideas

Photography by: Amelia Stanwix

19 Dec, 2021

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