Carefully curated combinations of special furniture pieces from different periods and origins give this revamped apartment its unique character

From the designer: Diego Revollo

A young couple with children gave carte blanche to the Diego Revollo for the complete overhaul of this 35-year-old apartment in one of the best neighbourhoods in São Paulo.

The goal for the solid 500m² apartment was that it would not only fit the couple’s needs but also bring the property up to date, taking advantage of the maximum potential of the existing space.

With its Mediterranean architecture – one of the hallmarks of buildings developed by the construction company Adolpho Lindemberg in the 1980s – the original slab shape already had curved elements. These were not only in the outer walls but also in the openings of the facade spans and were the main inspiration for the project.                                                                                

Starting from this main feature, the designers took advantage of the rounded elements of architecture and brought, to the reformulated floor plan, integrated spaces marked by the flow of curves, both for the new layout and for the entire interior architecture project.

Due to the large original slab, the main challenge in integrating the spaces was to bring natural light into the interior of the apartment.

Walls have been torn down resulting in a huge social area that without opening any doors or any kind of obstruction.

To broaden the effect of the diffusion of light the Diego Revollo specified a light coloured floor in rough marble, which brings brightness to the structure as well as ensuring unity of the entire social area.

The spaciousness of the environments is one of its most striking features. With few but striking furnishings, the mix of styles and periods is a highlight of the interior design.

With very careful consideration, Diego Revollo, has introduced contemporary furniture, pieces of different styles and periods such as the French Neoclassical, Vintage and Brazilian Modern furniture.

In the living room, Oscar Niemeyer’s “Alta”  Armchair, an icon of Brazilian modernist furniture, coexists in harmony with the antique Louis XV France 19th Century Armchair.

Also in the living room, a highlight for Norberto Nicola’s  tapestry 'Entardecer'.

The office features the Bureau Plat Sec. XIX, next to the burgundy  “Aston” armchairs from the renowned Italian brand Minotti. The office also contains a sculpture by Angelo Venosa and a painting in oil and resin on aluminum by Carlito Carvalhosa.

Throughout the social area, shades of light beige and beige, next to the wood, guarantee visual unity, but it is the careful and rich mix of special decoration pieces, from different periods and origins, that bring not only beauty but also a unique character to the project.

Story by: Trendsideas

08 Dec, 2019

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