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The comfort, productivity and health of staff are all regulated with Sunscreen rollershades from New Zealand Window Shades

A view of a shade from New Zealand architecture, daylighting, facade, glass, line, shade, structure, window, white, teal
A view of a shade from New Zealand Window Shades.

Office WORKERS are generally more productive and motivated when their work areas receive natural light and they can enjoy views from their desks.

However, this can result in other problems, such as reflections on computer screens, exposure to ultraviolet radiation and excessive solar gain, leading to overheated offices.

With Luxaflex Sunscreen roller blinds from New Zealand Window Shades, it is possible to create a harmonious balance. These blinds are designed to provide privacy and protection from the harmful effects of the sun's UV rays, and to reduce heat and glare by up to 95% without the need to sacrifice natural light.

A view of some window shades. architecture, ceiling, conference hall, daylighting, interior design, office, table, window, gray
A view of some window shades.

Luxaflex Sunscreens are made from a tough, durable and fire-retardant fabric developed for interior and exterior applications. This fabric transmits light and ventilation, but reduces the sun's impact.

The blinds can be raised or lowered smoothly and quietly with a manual chain control operating system. Alternatively, Luxaflex Sunscreens are available with motorised controls.

When Luxaflex Sunscreens are mounted externally they improve energy savings, reducing the maximum temperature of a room by between 5-15°C. Motorisation using sun and wind sensors can provide further savings by automatically raising and lowering the screens.

A view of some window shades. architecture, ceiling, daylighting, glass, interior design, office, shade, wall, window, window blind, window covering, window treatment, white
A view of some window shades.

Luxaflex Sunscreens are available in a variety of subtle and neutral colours to enhance the decor of the office.

For more information, contact New Zealand Window Shades, PO Box 12 785, Penrose, Auckland 1135, phone (09) 574 2200, fax (09) 573 6198. Email: salesandmarketing@nzwindowshades.co.nz or visit the website: www.nzwindowshades.co.nz.

Story by: Trendsideas

20 Sep, 2006