Why it isn't actually bad to have a small kitchen

If someone asked you to describe your dream kitchen you would probably imagine a really generous space. But size doesn't necessarily equal luxury. Here's how you can make a small kitchen work for you.

Small kitchens aren’t actually all that bad. countertop, furniture, house, interior design, kitchen, product design, room, gray
Small kitchens aren’t actually all that bad.

A big kitchen may be the dream for many of us, but small kitchens are likely the reality. They’re certainly the norm in apartments and tiny homes.

But small kitchens aren’t actually all that bad. In addition to being easy to clean, they can also make you an extremely productive cook. If you’ve ever heard of the work triangle (keeping the sink, fridge and cooktop easily accessible), then you’ll realise the immediate benefit of a smaller kitchen space.

So let’s look at why it’s actually OK to have a small kitchen, and some of the ways you can make it work.

Remember: Bigger isn’t always better

The immediate benefit of a small kitchen is productivity. When you don’t have to take more than a few steps to get to a sink or stove, you can prepare food more efficiently.

It’s also unlikely you’ll fill your kitchen up with useless gadgets and ingredients as you simply won’t have the luxury of space.

Take advantage of oven space

When you’re not using your oven, take advantage of the extra space! Use it to store your pots, pans and other baking or cooking-related essentials. If you’ve got a warmer drawer, use that for storage too.

Build or buy more storage

If your oven can’t quite satisfy your need for storage, consider buying more. Inexpensive racks can be assembled in minutes and stood alongside your counter to provide a place for ingredients, bowls, cups and small appliances.

Pullout pantries make it easy to access everything stored away – no awkward reaching for things right at the back.You can also use your wall to hang knives and other light pieces of cutlery.

Pullout pantries make it easy to access everything countertop, display case, interior design, kitchen, shelf, black, gray
Pullout pantries make it easy to access everything stored away.

Keep it clean

Likely the most important piece of advice. Leaving mess to pile up as you cook will eat up your preparation area – meaning your small kitchen will feel even smaller. Clean as you go to avoid stacks of dishes. 

Consider Combi appliances

No room for an oven and a microwave? Get a Combi that unites both functions. They’re not particularly cheap, but you’ll have an appliance that can microwave and roast.

Use an undercounter fridge

What’s the biggest appliance in your kitchen? Chances are it’s the fridge. Consider exchanging your full size fridge for a small alternative, ideally one that can fit in under your counter.

Get rid of what you don’t need

Yes, small appliances make cooking much easier, but you don’t always need them. Take a look at the appliances you rarely use and consider selling or packing them away somewhere.

So, small kitchens really aren’t that bad – especially if you work around their shortcomings. Want more kitchen advice? See the other articles on our website.

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26 Jul, 2020

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