How to create the ultimate outdoor room

The latest on outdoor living heating, lighting and sound technology from James Adair of Johnson and Couzins 

What developments have you seen in outdoor living?

People are finding it a hard market in which to build the home of their dreams. So, the focus has shifted to expanding their indoors outside. From our state-of-the-art Sky Louvre systems to awnings and vertical screens, it is now possible to create an outdoor room, complete with heating, lighting and even sound.

What are our options when it comes to providing shade or wind protection?

As the inventors of the Sky Louvre system, we recommend this for those looking for something that can change to suit the weather. Its fully retractable fins are weather-tight when closed, or can be opened completely for a sky view – it’s the best of both worlds. 

Then, there’s the full gamut of canvas or mesh awnings, that can extend or retract on demand, as well as side screens, vertical louvres for style and privacy, or state-of-the art ground-mounted umbrella systems that offer huge shade coverage, but to a full range of budgets.

Can we add a louvre system to an existing setting?

Absolutely. All of our units are made to measure. Most of our clients are looking to add additional value and benefits to their existing settings. What should we look for in a louvre system? Quality is paramount. This is an investment and you want to know it will last in all conditions. 

Having a local back-up service provides peace of mind too. Take note of where the motors and automation systems come from – for example, ours are derived from France and Germany, while others come from China, meeting budget expectations but less likely to last. 

Functionality and features are very important, as well as design. Lighting, rain and snow sensors, as well as wind sensors, are all available – so your louvre system takes care of itself.

What do you see as being the ‘next big thing’ in this area?

Due to Johnson and Couzins being pioneers in this market, we have utilised our years of experience and manufacturing systems to offer the same benefits and look in a louvre system that any DIY person can install, at a much lower cost. We’ve been listening to what homeowners want, and will soon be launching this option.

How have you set up your own backyard?

My friends and family would say it’s an experimental playground! Many of our team volunteer their properties to be ‘guinea pigs’ for development. It also reassures our belief and passion for what we make and offer. 

It’s always best to get things right before we go to market, so, with that in mind, we are also the design and test areas, I guess.

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07 Aug, 2018

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