It came from outer space

ZOTAFO Spa, a new recreational retreat, features a number of distinctly spacey elements – including a lunar regolith-like ceiling
Story by: David Renwick
Floor to ceiling artwork lines the hallway architecture, ceiling, daylighting, house, interior design, light, lighting, lobby, gray
Floor to ceiling artwork lines the hallway

Design: Dongguan Zheng Xiang Decoration Design ConsultingAbout the project (text supplied): Inspired by the natural landscape formed from the local karst landform, this spa reflects the mountains in the green and clear water as the central axis of the interior design. Design elements from ancient Lingnan architecture are used throughout the entire space, making visitors feel like they're in a Lingnan wonderland that appears in ink paintings.


You can see the mountains on the far architecture, ceiling, interior design, light fixture, lighting, product design, wall, black, gray
You can see the mountains on the far wall

At the entrance, the main materials are local wood and stone, interspersed with each other. The rectangular wood beams are arranged in a row, acting as a partition without blocking out the extensive view, and forming a contrast between toughness and softness with the geometrical rough stone surface.The central winding spiral staircases, together with the wooden structure standing for the image of natural landscape, and the light floating cloud installation, create an image of looming maintains and running water.

Dec 20, 2017





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