Is this the future of shopping?

Aedas chairman Keith Griffiths suggests shops must change from 'selling machines' to become destinations that interact, educate and entertain

As online retailing takes an even greater hold, shops and malls will need to change from transactional places to sophisticated social and cultural centres. Aedas Chairman and Global Design Principal Keith Griffiths looks at the shop of the future – one that interacts, educates, and entertains.

Keith Griffiths

Chairman and Global Design Principal of Aedas

Keith Griffiths is the Chairman and founder of Aedas, one of the world's largest architectural practices with 1,200 staff in 12 offices throughout Asia, USA and Europe.

Keith is an internationally respected architect and urban planner with over 40 years of experience in the urban planning and design of high-rise commercial and residential buildings, airports and civic facilities throughout Asia.

Keith guided Aedas’ philosophy that architectural design requires a deep social and cultural understanding of the cities and communities being designed for. 

He lectures and writes widely upon design solutions for high-density high-rise context and other urbanisation topics.

Designed by: Aedas

Story by: Keith Griffiths, Aedas Chairman and Global Design Principal

14 Nov, 2021

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