Is it boat? Is it hotel? It's both – and it's electric!

When it launches, Y le Yacht will be the first fully electric commercial vessel of its kind – a  floating luxury hotel off Manhattan

Visitors to New York are drawn to the non-stop hustle and bustle found in areas like Manhattan.

And while that's part of the excitement of being in the Big Apple, there are also times when you need somewhere quiet and relaxing to recharge your batteries.

Currently under development, Y Le Yacht will offer its guests the never previously experienced option of visiting Manhattan while based in an eco-friendly, floating luxury hotel.

Y Le Yacht will be propelled entirely electrically, with multiple stabilisers for a completely smooth ride, smart air conditioning and a host of other technological innovations.

Guest will be accommodated in 20 ultra-luxury suites and can experience Y Le Yacht's gastronomical, world class restaurant onboard with its own private Michelin star chef.

While the first Le Yacht will be in Manhattan, there are already plans for Y Le Yachts in other major destinations including Miami, Monaco, Geneva, Dubai, Shanghai, Paris, Montenegro and San Francisco.

Y Le Yacht has been conceived and developed by:

  • Jean Pierre Heim – Architect and partner
  • Paul Bensabat – Business and development partner
  • Tony Vamvakidis – Naval and Marketing partner

Designed by: Jean Pierre Heim

Story by: Trendsideas

12 Nov, 2023

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