Is artificial turf taking root in your street?

Synthetic grass lawns have been in high demand recently – and for good reason!

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TigerTurf – perfect for family activities artificial turf, backyard, games, grass, lawn, leisure, outdoor structure, plant, sport venue, structure, yard, green, black
TigerTurf – perfect for family activities

Synthetic grass lawns have been in high demand recently. With good reason – looking absolutely fabulous, with no irrigation, no mowing, no prickles or fertilising, a TigerTurf lawn stays fresh and green all year round, even in difficult damp, shady areas – what’s not to love!

Multi-sport lawns for active families

One of TigerTurf Golf & Lawn’s favourite projects recently was to convert a steep wet section into a flat sports area for a sports-loving family. We love a challenge, and the steep slope was soon transformed into a flat multi-purpose playing area, with some hefty retaining walls, decking and steps.

With the TigerTurf Advantage lawn laid, the sports arena was ready for action – cricket, soccer, hockey, and a couple of golf putting holes! Phew, an all-season multi-sports field in your own garden – now that’s clever!

Mini-lawns for play and family recreation

Where outdoor playing areas for children are restricted to tiny spaces, a TigerTurf synthetic lawn will provide a green oasis that is usable all year round, even immediately after heavy rain. As a bonus, it keeps its good looks through scorching summers and dreary winters.

We recently undertook just such a project, using TigerTurf Golf and Lawn’s Indian Summer landscape lawn to create a year-round play area on which children could enjoy imaginative play and ball games. The low-maintenance lawn remains a dense, soft, warm green all year, a relaxing landscaped outdoor area for the entire family.


High-use areas that need to look good but work hard

A scruffy, heavy-traffic area can be hard to keep in order, especially when it has to double as a play area and car parking. TigerTurf Golf & Lawn was asked to come up with a proposal for a hard working backyard: it needed to work as a play area for young children, an overnight car park, and an attractive, easily maintained lawn to set off the family home.

TigerTurf Indian Summer worked wonders in this back garden. From a gravelled drive and backyard that didn’t look great and certainly wasn’t much fun as a playground, the area was reborn as an orderly combination of drive and lawn that works really well for the family. The artificial lawn, with concrete slabs inserted, immediately established a clean and minimalist look for the back lawn and driveway. Functional and striking, the TigerTurf landscape lawn has added value to the property and to the family’s lifestyle. We love the look, and so do the owners.

Turn narrow difficult areas into fabulous courtyards

Another common problem is a long narrow lawn that functions as a side lawn access, with only limited sunshine, but plenty of rain. It can be difficult to maintain these areas so that they offer an attractive view from indoors, and can be used as a pleasant social area throughout the year.

When outdoor space is limited and difficult to maintain in good condition, TigerTurf Golf & lawn will provide a simple, distinctive solution.

TigerTurf Envy 35 rejuvenated an untidy, wet courtyard, an unsatisfactory outdoor area that teenage children wanted to use for socialising with their friends. We replaced the straggly lawn with a handsome, green swathe of splendid landscape lawn, which French doors open onto, providing a delightful social setting all year.

Overhaul your lawn backyard, estate, grass, lawn, leisure, plant, property, resort, swimming pool, green
Overhaul your lawn

Home golf greens for family fun and exercise

TigerTurf Golf & Lawn recently met an innovative couple with a swimming pool that was only used for a short time, yet took up most of the outdoor area and needed constant maintenance. Not their idea of fun. But golf was!

That’s where we came in. The swimming pool was soon history, TigerTurf Pure Putt was installed, and the golf practice began in earnest!

Reducing poolside maintenance while improving poolside ambience

Swimming pools look better set in an artificial lawn. Always clean and immaculate, cool and soft underfoot, as well as low maintenance, TigerTurf Indian Summer fits smoothly into the tropical garden surrounding the pool pictured below. No more grass clippings floating in the pool, or shell chips, just an inviting velvety green lawn to relax on at any time.

TigerTurf landscape lawns, for recreation, play and family sports in your home garden. Soft lush green, low-maintenance grass lawns for year round outdoor activity – entice your children outdoors for some family fun: golf putting, bowls, cricket, hockey and soccer all on one well-planned lawn.

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