International flavour

The new Trends Centre has been designed to create a sense of community, with office space, apartments and a cafe all contributing to the mix

view of the treds office featuring blue featuring, blue, product design, blue, teal
view of the treds office featuring blue featuring, glass work desk, floor to ceiling glass divider

The effect of colour on the human brain has been well-documented in the science of psychology over recent years. Getting a balance between calming and motivational tones throughout an office interior is a skill in itself but, in a large and busy office like Trends, making sure the quality of the paint is up to the job is just as important.

Enter BM Pacific, supplier of Benjamin Moore paints. Managing director Barry Whalley says even with staff who are fully conversant with a wide variety of commercial applications, some jobs provide challenges, if only because anything involving colour is subjective.

A view of the Trends Building. blue, product design, blue
A view of the Trends Building.

"At Benjamin Moore, we pride ourselves on being pragmatic manufacturing retailers with a high level of skill and know-how when it comes to paint and coatings. We can certainly help our clients make colour decisions, but our expertise lies in the extensive technology we use to create the best paint for the application, every time."

Every Benjamin Moore store is a high-tech environment with fully automated tint and colour matching machines.

All surfaces in the Trends premises, including workstations, desk, floor, furniture, interior design, office, product design, gray, black
All surfaces in the Trends premises, including workstations, are addressed by Cleancorp.

With a paint for every commercial application, including rust protection and prevention, waterproofing, specialist hygiene, and fire protection, Benjamin Moore is a specialist group dedicated to ensuring proper delivery.

For further information, contact BM Pacific Limited, 699 Rosebank Road, Avondale, Auckland, phone (+649) 828 3405, fax (+649) 828 0531. Website: www.benjaminmoore.co.nz.

Story by: Trendsideas

20 Sep, 2006