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The new Trends Centre has been designed to create a sense of community, with office space, apartments and a cafe all contributing to the mix
A view of the Trends Building. apartment, architecture, ceiling, daylighting, handrail, interior design, stairs, wood, black, brown
A view of the Trends Building.

After years of working with clients throughout the world, directors and staff at Trends Publishing have encountered many different working environments. The design of the new Trends Centre has been influenced in part from this international exposure.

Johnson says he drew inspiration from his experiences in cities such as New York, where people often work out of corner coffee shops, and Singapore, where much business is conducted in local shophouses.

"I did not intend our building to be an intimidating, monolithic block. Instead, I wanted the site to read as four separate buildings, all centred around a lively, bustling cafe," he says.

The pristine environments at myTrends are delivered by ceiling, conference hall, interior design, office, waiting room, wall, gray, black
The pristine environments at myTrends are delivered by commercial cleaners Cleancorp.

As a result, the new building is clad in a classic, dark exposed aggregate. A glass-fronted atrium creates a visual break between it and the metallic panels and corrugated cladding of the two existing buildings on the other side of the cafe.

"The mixed use is another popular overseas trend, and to help support this concept, we have placed an emphasis on landscaping and lighting," says Johnson. "Natural light pours in through the glass, while artificial illumination within the atrium and on the outside of the building ensures it is well-lit and safe 24 hours a day. Balconies on three sides of the building provide breakout spaces for tenants and help the building to appear more welcoming."

While Trends Publishing occupies one level of the Trends Centre, separate space for other tenancies is also available, creating a building with its own sense of community.

Cleancorp only uses eco-friendly products. ceiling, interior design, office, black
Cleancorp only uses eco-friendly products.

"Because we developed this building for our own use, we have stressed the importance of quality throughout the design and construction process. I envisage Trends occupying this space for years to come, and wanted a building that will look good not only now, but for the long term," says Johnson.

For more information, contact Trends Publishing, Private Bag 11 908, Ellerslie, Auckland 1131, phone (+649) 571 5700, fax (+649) 571 5701. Or visit the website:

Sep 20, 2006
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