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The new Trends Centre has been designed to create a sense of community, with office space, apartments and a cafe all contributing to the mix
A view of a Kone Elevator. architecture, building, daylighting, metropolitan area, structure, black, gray
A view of a Kone Elevator.

In A building designed for both residential and commercial use, the public spaces need to suit these purposes. The glass-fronted, five-storey atrium achieves this with the functionality of its design and the choice of materials.

Complementing the theme of steel and glass in the Trends Centre is the Kone MonoSpace observation lift supplied by Kone Elevators. This lift makes a dramatic statement, rising up through the atrium on the front of the building, and providing tenants with views of the street, nearby trees and the racecourse in the distance.

Kone Elevators General Manager Ron Perez says the Kone MonoSpace is an ideal lift for this type of project.

A view of the mechanics. electrical wiring, machine, gray, black
A view of the mechanics.

"With a glass wall, the lift feels open and spacious, while the combination of stainless steel and glass works well with the contemporary architectural style of the Trends Centre," he says.

"In addition, the Kone MonoSpace does not require a specific area to be allocated as a machine room. This cuts construction costs and frees up space to be utilised for more valuable purposes."

This lift features an Eco-disc operation, which is super quiet and very energy efficient, says Perez.

A view of a lift from Kone Elevators. glass, gray, black
A view of a lift from Kone Elevators.

For more information on the Kone MonoSpace, contact Kone Elevators, 97 Mt Eden Rd, Mt Eden, Auckland, phone (+649) 303 9600, fax (+649) 309 3882. Email:, or visit the website:

Sep 20, 2006
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