How to choose the right waste bin

Your bin is the most used appliance in your home – to make sure you choose wisely, Hideaway Bins offers some pointers on choosing the right waste/recycle system 

Waste management guide – where to start

 It’s important to choose a bin system that’s simple to use, durable, easy to clean and one that makes your everyday waste and recycling routine effortless.

A Hideaway Bin solution will help you create sustainable waste and recycling practices in your household with as little impact to your lifestyle as possible.

As a nation, we are not great recyclers, and the majority of waste still goes to landfill. This not only wastes money, it is environmentally unsustainable.

A key to improving recycling and reducing waste is having a good waste management system.

Bucket size

To calculate the volume of waste generated, consider the number of people in your home. 

Also consider how often you want to empty your bin, and how much space you have. 

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How many buckets

The number of buckets required depends on how many waste streams the waste needs to be separated into, and where those waste streams go.

Consider your lifestyle – do you want to home compost food scraps?

Would you like to separate soft plastics for recycling?

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Bucket placement & configuration

• Consider where waste is generated in your home, and where space is available to collect waste.

• 60-70% of all household waste is generated in the kitchen, and this is the most critical waste bin system to consider.

• For kitchen waste, decide if the waste system will have all buckets combined in one bin unit or separated into two bin units – using two bin units allows greater design flexibility.

• Consider ergonomics: keep in mind the bin is used 30+ times per day – installing at bench height is recommended.

• Waste is also generated in the bathroom, and this typically includes items that can be recycled.

Functionality, cleaning and The Concelo range

An important part of the waste management equation is ensuring a durable, flexible and easy to clean bin system for your home.

The most common complaint about bin systems is they are dirty and smelly. 

The Concelo range solves both of these issues. 

Concelo waste bins are easy to clean, simplifying the removal of food and dirt traps, which can cause maintenance issues later if left unchecked. 

Concelo also has a smart Active Lid system which allows you to keep your hands-free when emptying waste into the bin, and then it automatically closes over the buckets to control odours when the bin is closed. 

Find out more

With 22 bucket/system configurations there is a Concelo solution right for your family.

  View the Concelo range   Download the free waste management guide pdf

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