Multi-Zone Reverse Cycle SystemsHitachi Multi-Zone systems enable you to choose from a range of indoor unit types. The Multi-Zone system is compatible with wall mount, cassette and ducted systems. You can select the temperature for each area, helping you create the p...

Ceiling Cassette Systems4-Way air flow Cassettes are an economical and effective way of air conditioning open areas with high occupancy or traffic, such as shops, walk ways and restaurants. For more information visit https://www.hitachiaircon.co.nz/

Duct EZYDuct EZY are ready designed, premium Ducted air conditioning systems. Whether for the home, office or shop you can now enjoy the luxury of reliable ducted air conditioning at an affordable price.For more information visit https://www.hitachiaircon....

Hitachi Wall Mount Split SystemsWith two ranges and a variety of kilowatt options, we'll be able to help you find a Wall Mount System to suit your space. Our premium 'S' Series range offers greater efficiency and advanced features. The contemporary 'E' Series range...

Floor Mount Split SystemsWith our two kilowatt options we'll be able to help you find a Floor Mount System to suit your space. Our Floor Mount System offers a sleek design and flexible features.For more information visit https://www.hitachiaircon.co.nz/

Hitachi Utopia A lightweight, compact design is ideal for when you're working with tight and challenging commercial spaces.For more information visit https://www.hitachiaircon.co.nz/

Hitachi Modular Chiller SolutionWith its modular design it is an ideal solution for compact and space adaptable installations without compromising on efficiency and performance. With 116 potential module combinations for both Air and Water Cooled Units, matching your ...

Temperzone Roof Top Packaged UnitsDesigned exclusively using Temperzone's in-house R&D expertise, Roof Top Packaged Units are ideal for a wide range of commercial applications.For more information visit https://www.temperzone.co.nz/temperzone-Products/

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