Heat pumps are perfect for winter and summer

It's well known that heat pumps are the most energy efficient form of electric heating for New Zealand homes. However, they are also an efficient way to keep your home cool and comfortable over summer. Here we answer some questions around having one efficient heating and cooling appliance, rather than buying two

Do heat pumps perform as efficiently for cooling as for heating?

Answer: A resounding yes. Heat pumps and air conditioning units essentially use the same technology. An air conditioner produces heat in order to provide cooling, while a heat pump works instead by transferring heat from the air, from your interior to the outside world –  thus using less energy. 

Then there's the inherent saving of having just one appliance to efficiently perform two jobs – saving on your outlay price and also your wall space. While an air conditioner cannot heat your home, an air pump both heats and cools effectively and affordably. 

Does it cost much to operate a heat pump for summer cooling?

Answer: Very little. A heat pump set for cooling costs around 8c an hour to run, so having it on for 4 hours a day during the hot season is around 34c per day. This is a very small price to pay for a cool and comfortable home through summer.

Is much required in terms of upkeep?

Short answer: No. Check the filters once a month and potentially replace them once every three months. We also recommend getting your heat pump serviced at least once a year.

There's so many options? Which is best?

The answer: At Smart Energy Solutions, we have a range of New Zealand's best heat pump brands: Mitsubishi Electric, Panasonic and Rinnai. 

What size do I need for my home?

The informed answer: The size heat pump you need depends on the size of the room, the number and size of windows and orientation of the room to the sun. Whether or not the home is insulated will also affect performance.

As each home is individual, a home assessment from us is necessary to ensure the correct size heat pump is quoted.

Where to start in practical terms?

The footwork-saving answer: Smart Energy Solutions's friendly staff are extremely well informed and ready to help. We can help you compare brands, discuss where your heat pump is best located and provide an obligation free quote. 

For details on how to affordably and efficiently keep your home cool this summer, contact heating and cooling specialist Smart Energy Solutions – phone: 0800 888 766; email: info@smartenergysolutions.co.nz; or head online: www.smartenergysolutions.co.nz

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18 Oct, 2020

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