Geometric form and function

Curved walls positioned in a continuous ribbon guide visitors through this dynamic office environment

View of walkway through office boardered by sloping architecture, ceiling, daylighting, floor, flooring, interior design, property, real estate, white
View of walkway through office boardered by sloping curved cream walls and partitions, wood panelled wall at end, and recessed lighting.

An office interior in which the design elements are dependent on each other and where perspective is constantly changing, is not only engaging, it is also a powerful metaphor for the company's creative vision.

When Keppel Energy, an international utilities company, asked the designers at M Moser to internally design the head office in Singapore, there were three factors to consider, says M Moser director Charles Corley

"The interior had to personify energy, it had to respond to a fantastic location and it had to actively engage people through the space."

These ideas reach their zenith in the reception area. Project designer Chit-tin Montatupalin says he didn't position it at the main entrance to the office, but instead used curved partitions to direct visitors to a seating area beside expansive windows.

"As the office overlooks Sentosa island, it seemed logical to position the reception area where clients could enjoy the impressive view," he says.

Office boardroom with large wood table and black ceiling, conference hall, daylighting, floor, flooring, interior design, real estate, table, gray, brown
Office boardroom with large wood table and black chairs, and wall of windows at far end.

The ceiling pelmet sweeps around the top of the windows connecting them with the office interior. Here a series of interesting geometric shapes from the solid rectangular reception desk to the curved partitions offer an intriguing view. Though visitors see a variety of forms, it is impossible to make out what is behind them.

One of the first areas to investigate is a break-out zone designed for both staff and clients. The swirling motif started in the lobby is continued here by pendant lights, positioned inside a curved ceiling recess.

"There is a dynamic interplay between two elements the ceiling and the curved bar. This crescent-shaped island is accessible from all sides," says Montatupalin.

Small conference areas are concealed by partitions that are suspended or curved. Some are lit to look as though they are floating, while others appear to be descending from the ceiling. These creative shells are designed to facilitate a range of active discussions within.

"The focus on amenities fulfils Keppel Energy's desire to provide staff with ample opportunities to interact spontaneously and share knowledge freely," says Corley.

Office seating area with stool chairs at curved ceiling, conference hall, floor, furniture, interior design, lobby, office, table, gray, brown
Office seating area with stool chairs at curved island, curved and sloped partition with lighting above, dark carpet and hanging pendant lights.

In contrast to these collaborative areas, the boardroom's linear composition offers a more traditional aesthetic. Located in a corner of the office it is also positioned to take advantage of the view.

Beyond the communal areas, the workstations are arranged in small clusters. With 45 people to accommodate in an office space of just over 900m², an open plan design proved to be cost effective and it promoted a communicative environment. Even the desks occupied by management are separated by glass partitions.

"The work stations provide ample personal filing and desk space, while fabric panels facilitate acoustic privacy at each station" says Montatupalin.

Throughout the office, the colour palette is subdued and understated, providing a neutral background to the structural forms that dominate the interior.

Credit list

Main contractor
M Moser Associates
Millken Carpet
Coconut Chair, Vitra
Wall covering
Titch Fabric

Story by: Trendsideas

15 Jun, 2005