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Toni Roberts kitchen with Fisher & Paykel appliances cabinetry, countertop, cuisine classique, floor, flooring, hardwood, interior design, kitchen, real estate, room, wood, wood flooring, orange, brown
Toni Roberts kitchen with Fisher & Paykel appliances

Simplicity rules in this new kitchen, but even though it's a small space, there's no compromise in functionality.

Designer Toni Roberts CKDNZ, BArch of Kitchen Architecture worked closely with the owners to make sure the kitchen was as spacious as possible, and had a relaxed, honest aesthetic.

"The plywood look of textural hoop pine veneer suited the space and provided the base colour palette," says Roberts. This is contrasted with crisp white and various stainless steel accents, including new Fisher & Paykel appliances. Given the compact situation, storage was maximised to its full depth, and every corner has space-saving storage systems."

Roberts created handles from exposed cutouts in the cabinets, which not only saved space but also highlighted the plywood edge detail on the cabinetry.

"The owners had already enjoyed the convenience and functionality of the Fisher & Paykel Double DishDrawer¢, so the natural choice for the dishwasher in the new kitchen was the flush version, which continues the recessed handle theme."

Toni Roberts kitchen with Fisher & Paykel appliances. cabinetry, countertop, floor, flooring, hardwood, interior design, kitchen, kitchen stove, room, under cabinet lighting, orange, brown, white
Toni Roberts kitchen with Fisher & Paykel appliances. The Fisher & Paykel O8765DEPX1 76cm wide oven has a reflective door that enhances a sense of depth in the kitchen. With 104 litres of cooking space the oven is large enough to cook several dishes simultaneously

With two separate DishDrawers, one DishDrawer can be used to stack dishes, while the other is on a wash programme.

Roberts says the Fisher & Paykel 90cm Gas on Glass cooktop was a clear winner thanks to its easy-clean design and smart appearance.

"One thing I always look for is a thoughtful arrangement of the trivets and controls for optimum usability," Roberts says. "Fisher & Paykel has achieved this with the CG905 cooktop."

The cooktop, designed to complement any contemporary kitchen, features black reflective glass with polished metal trim. Five burners, including a 45cm single wok burner, cater to every need.

Oven size was also not compromised by space constraints. The 76cm-wide large-capacity Fisher & Paykel oven offers a generous 104 litres of cooking space.

Toni Roberts kitchen with Fisher & Paykel appliances. cabinetry, chest of drawers, countertop, drawer, floor, flooring, furniture, hardwood, kitchen, plywood, product, product design, room, sideboard, wood, wood stain, orange, brown
Toni Roberts kitchen with Fisher & Paykel appliances. Recesses handles in the fisher & Paykel DishDrawer match those on the cabinets

The oven has 10 cooking modes. These include a self cleaning function and the AeroTech¢ cooking system with even heat distribution for perfect results.

"I also like the reflectivity of the oven door, which gives the illusion of a much wider floor area," says Roberts. "The two pullout fittings on either side of the oven house tall oven trays and oil bottles, so everything is within easy reach."

For details, visit the Fisher & Paykel website: www.fisherpaykel.com. Or visit www.kitchenarchitect.co.nz.

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31 Dec, 2013

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