Folding and sliding door systems

Refine your furniture and furnishing concepts with the sensitive power of light. Transform nondescript rooms into vibrant living spaces. This is where Magic lights give you all the options: compact, energy saving LEDs you can discreetly integrate into furniture; intelligent lighting control that conjures the perfect feel good ambience at the press of a button

Sliding door system for universal cabinet construction. TopLine M

HorizonSynchro - Cabinet with sliding doors.

WingLine 780 folding door fitting used in the office.

First-class design and greater convenience with the concealed TopLine 110 fitting with Silent System from Hettich

A normal cupboard or well styled wall? That is the question that arises when cupboard systems are fitted with the new In Line P fitting for sliding doors.

VerticoMono and VerticoSynchro - Cabinet with sliding doors.

VerticoMono - Cabinet with sliding doors

Top Line 22 is a sliding door fitting that is particularly suited for heavy sliding doors.

Attractive gateway to sliding door applications made easy – SlideLine 55 Plus

WingLine 26 folding door fitting used in children's room.

WingLine 780 folding door fitting.

Design flexibility offering a wide range of different looks with the TopLine M top-running sliding door fitting.

SlideLine 55 Plus - bottom-running sliding door fitting.

The universal sliding door system for all furniture segments. SlideLine 66

Sliding-door cabinets - a must in modern offices.

WingLine 780 folding door fitting used in bedroom.

VerticoSynchro - Cabinet with sliding doors.

Sliding door units in the office provide well-organised storage space that shows you where everything is.

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10 Nov, 2015

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