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Methven's new Koha shower range is a cinch to install
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Close up of shower head.

For today's shower ranges, good looks and versatile operation are only part of the required design equation water efficiency is now another all-important deal-maker.

Methven's new Koha Satinjet® Shower range blends energy-conscious technology with a sleek, modern aesthetic, says design director Kent Sneddon.

"The Koha reflects refinements to our award-winning Satinjet technology that improve pressure and coverage. Now water saving is optimised to 9L per minute, while the showerhead has a large faceplate for optimum coverage."

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Water falling from shower head.

"All showerheads and handsets in the range are dual function offering both the Satinjet spray and a massage spray. Switching between the options is speedy using Methven's easy-use mechanism."

Other touches in the Koha range include a 1m metal rail with slide-friction adjustment enabling the handset to be locked in one place or easily moved up or down for different users. A chrome and white shelf completes the chic aesthetic.

"This range also boasts easy DIY installation the adjustable rail means it can be retro-fitted to most spaces, covering existing rail holes for an easy upgrade," says Sneddon. "This set and complementary Koha tapware attracts our full 20-year warranty on domestic installations."

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Bathroom with brown wall and stone wall feature.

The Koha range is available from leading plumbing and building merchants nationwide. Website: www.methven.com

Sep 23, 2012
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