Feature lighting transforms this upmarket kitchen at night

From its striking jet black aesthetic to touches like a fresh herb garden in the island, this kitchen by Aurora Australis is the ideal centrepiece for any interior

While refined and glamorous, this modern kitchen is product design, technology, black, white
While refined and glamorous, this modern kitchen is also well set up for day to-day living. For example, an in-island plate rack is one of many practical, close-to-hand features.

Once the kitchen was nothing more than a humble workspace tucked away at the back of the home. Today's kitchen, however, has really come into its own. Designed to stand out and be noticed, while offering every amenity, it has become the centrepiece of the home.

Aurora Australis has earned a reputation for creating one-off, high-end kitchens that offer a dramatic wow factor. The designs respond to the owners' every need and include every possible up-to-the-minute functional advantage and this black beauty of a kitchen is a case in point.

The designer kitchen's jet black cabinetry is constructed in Superfinish Customwood board, finished in Resene's Metallic super high gloss lacquer a hard-wearing surface applied by MF Turnbull. To match the sleek, contemporary cabinetry, Aurora specified the engineered Spanish Neolith benchtop in Basalt Black, from stone specialists CDK, Christchurch.

Customised, internally lit drawer interiors are both practical black and white, light, monochrome, monochrome photography, product design, black
Customised, internally lit drawer interiors are both practical and pleasing to the eye one of several features in this kitchen by Aurora Australis.

And the upmarket kitchen is equally well considered behind the scenes, too. In terms, of storage and accessibility, the spacious hidden pantry is finished with a granite top, while the Blum Legrabox Free system in black glass offers smooth-gliding operation and easy-access storage ensuring there's a place for everything and everything is in its place.

As well as ample concealed storage, the kitchen boasts plenty of open display shelves. These are seen in a display cabinet at the entrance to the kitchen, in open cabinet boxes high up on the rear wall, and at the front of the island. Coloured LEDs illuminate these areas internally, both accentuating the shelves' contents and adding a pleasing sparkle to the design. And the island and cabinets are underlit too, for a floating effect. The LEDs also act as night lights when the main lighting is turned off.

However, the kitchen's vibrant personality extends well beyond its high-end surfaces and function-rich, up-to-the-minute appliances. One individual touch here is the fresh herb garden growing out of a slot in the island.

Much of the cabinetry, including the display units, interior design, lighting, black
Much of the cabinetry, including the display units, is internally lit or underlit with colour LEDs adding another dimension to the kitchen at night. Compartmentalised storage solutions, including smooth-running Blum hardware, are another feature of this upmarket, practical design.

For details, contact Aurora Australis Interior, Unit 1/155 Blenheim Rd, Christchurch, phone (03) 423 9067. Email: info@aurorakitchen.co.nz, or go to the website: aurorakitchen.co.nz

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22 May, 2017

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