Prefab construction combine with innovative design in this mixed-use residential and commercial building. Watch the speedy construction process and architecturally impressive outcome

Architecture: Summary

Prefabrication: Farcimar

From the architect:

This project involved build housing and multi-services spaces in a common roadside area in Vale de Cambra, Portugal. 

The client required that the construction should be fast and cost effective, which prompted us to use the Gomos System.

The strategy was simple: a ground floor level for the multi-services program connected with the public space, with individual residential units above. 

Due to the differences between the two programs, we created an independent access for each function and placed them on different levels, taking advantage of the natural ground slope.

Video credits:

Director: Sara Nunes 

Camera: Sara Nunes 

Editing: Sara Nunes Juarez Braga Maria Gonçalves 

Music: Percurssive Argument 

Sound design: Ana Pedro

Story by: Trendsideas

21 Jun, 2020

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