Envira’s lightweight weatherboards make the ideal cladding choice for a multi-level home

This impressive two-storey home clad with Envira Weatherboard System, is an attractive design that showcases modern living.

This impressive two-storey home, clad with Envira Weatherboard System, which includes box corners, facing boards, window sills and fascia, is an attractive design that showcases modern living.

Envira’s Weatherboard System provides a great finish and is cost effective by simplifying the building process. Three styles of weatherboards are offered in the Envira range: bevel back, rusticated or shiplap, with a component system to match including boxed corners, corner soakers, scribers, window sills and facing boards. Envira Weatherboard System also includes a weather-tight finish which lasts, as well as significant savings on installation/labour time and costs. All Envira weatherboards and components are protected by an organic preservative known as LOSP. This safe and biodegradable preservation system protects the boards from insects and decay for a full 25 years. Further protection comes from two coats of a quality UV resistant, alkyd-based primer, developed in conjunction with Resene specifically for the New Zealand environment. See more about  Envira Weatherboard System at www.niagara.nz

The deck features Niagara’s laminated veranda posts, which provide a sharp, clean finish to any outdoor living space. Their finger jointed construction results in the removal of imperfections and lamination adds strength and stability, which improves their resistance to harsh environments. Beautiful quality dressed finish that will look great for years to come. Niagara posts are constructed from finger jointed laminated timber.  This means all defects have been removed, and then multiple pieces of timber are laminated together to produce a high end post that will stand the test of time. Because all the knots and defects have been removed, the post will not twist, split or warp. See more here  about Niagara Laminated Posts www.niagara.nz

Story by: Trends

Photography by: Niagara

05 Oct, 2018

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