A match made in heaven – mixed cladding brings enhanced aesthetic

Envira weatherboards are specifically designed for beautiful, contrasting effect

Story by: Trends Photography by: Niagara
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Bold and beautiful - this modern homestead is a fine example of how mixed facades can achieve a stately finish. Large areas of bevel-back Envira weatherboards with their patterned shadow lines are contrasted by pockets of plain cladding. A strong roofline with protruding eves, chunky pillars and fantastic lighting complete the look.

Urban living doesn’t mean boring cladding options! This apartment, with its Envira bevel-back weatherboards offset by plain surfaces and shapes, shows how different cladding sections and areas of colour can create a really unique style.

This cute bungalow-style house in Queenstown would make a perfect holiday home. And when relaxing is a must, choosing low maintenance cladding is imperative.

Good news! Painted and looked after correctly,  Envira weatherboards only need painting every 10-12 years!

This modern angular home shows how an Envira timber weatherboard feature can make the difference between an ordinary design home and one with class. The vertical lines of the patio accents continue the flow of the weatherboards, which are offset by the contrasting colour and cladding textures.

In this beautiful Queenstown home, natural schist and timber weatherboards complement each other aesthetically and offset each other visually. The Envira rusticated weatherboard sections contrast with the horizontal shadow lines and make a nice addition to this mixed cladding exterior.

Family comes to mind with this new home in sunny Nelson, New Zealand. Built using a simple mix of Envira timber weatherboards and roughcast, then painted in two bright, light tones, this house is sure to host many happy times.

A mix of cladding materials modernise Niagara’s classic rusticated style weatherboard. The choice of dark brick teamed with the Envira weatherboard features makes this a striking new home.

The weatherboard chimney is a distinct feature of this modern Southland home. The home is further enhanced by the mixed facade and contrasting colours of the Envira weatherboards and dark bricks.

Using the same paint colour on a mixed cladding facade really shows off Niagara’s timber weatherboard lines against the adjoining roughcast sections. With its clever cladding and colour choice, this modern townhouse appears larger than it actually is, and its grandeur is further enhanced by the elegant, full-length windows with classic Envira timber sills.

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Oct 12, 2018
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