Double the fun

Two long islands are key to this kitchen design, maximising storage space and creating ease of use for entertaining

view of the stainless steel countertop and light architecture, ceiling, countertop, daylighting, house, interior design, kitchen, real estate, window, wood, brown
view of the stainless steel countertop and light wood veneer cabinetry provides contrast in this kitchen

In the history of kitchen design, the island has offered an outpost for preparing lunches, serving meals, or simply provided an inviting area to gather. Advances in cabinetry and appliance design mean today's island can contain the principal elements of the entire kitchen.

The owner of this space wanted a new kitchen that provided an effective work triangle and ample storage space, with everything at her fingertips, says designer William Landeros.

"Mindful of the need to create both optimum efficiency and near-to-hand storage space, we decided to introduce two substantial islands to the space," says Landeros. "Both islands offer a range of practical advantages tucked away under their stainless steel surfaces."

One island is for cooking and serving, the other is principally for food preparation and cleaning.

View of kitchen cabinetry and shelving. cabinetry, door, floor, flooring, furniture, home, home appliance, interior design, room, white, black
View of kitchen cabinetry and shelving.

"The cooking island has shallow storage fronting the living room, and a pro-range top and preparation sink on the other side."

The sink acts as a multifunction workstation and comes equipped with several accessories, from snug-fitting chopping boards to strainers. Storage space beneath the sink features vertical niches to accommodate these accessories. The other island also offers plenty of storage, as well as two washing-up sinks, an ice maker, twin freezer drawers and two dishwashers.

The side-by-side layout ensures an efficient work triangle between the adjacent stainless steel refrigerator and the cooktops on one island, and the sinks and freezer drawer at the same end of the other island.

"Both islands feature wood veneer cabinetry, with elongated handles, adding to the kitchen's linear emphasis. The cooking island was built on legs to allow for easy adjustment of its height."

view of the kitchen island showing stainless cooktop countertop, interior design, kitchen, black
view of the kitchen island showing stainless cooktop and a stainless double extractor rangehood which can used jointly or seperatly

Most of the kitchen's working surfaces areprovided by the islands. However, a smallbaking area sits on the same wall as the refrigerator and wall ovens. Flanking the baking area are two appliance garages with roll-away stainless steel doors.

"Harmony is an important emphasis in this kitchen," says the designer. "The same style of roller door is used to front a serving window from the kitchen to the dining room. While the roller doors are seen from the kitchen, bifold doors close off the servery from a diner's perspective."

There is also a wet bar running parallel to the islands, finished in the same light wood veneer. This peninsula divides the kitchen space fromthat of the living areas and, just like the islands, contains a number of utility features. Among these are a sink, a dishwasher, a wine cooler, and a refrigerator.

"We worked closely with the architectural detailing to achieve symmetry for the space," says Landeros. "The double hood straddling a central rafter beam provides a point of focus, for example. The rafters also contribute to another design focus the kitchen's strong linear nature."

Credit list

Kitchen designer
Kitchen manufacturer
Custom fabricated stainless steel, Percoco marble
Ovens and cooktop
Interior designer
Light wood veneer from Bulthaup
Capco porcelain ceramic tile
Sand blasted and painted
Abbaka custom designed island hood

Story by: Trendsideas

29 Jul, 2006