Custom exterior fixings by HomePlus Southland feature on this project

Apartment building benefits from Edgetec Mini Post clamps for the balustrades, screens and fencing with commercial balustrade posts all by Homeplus Southland

For this apartment building, HomePlus Southland custom-made all daylighting, door, facade, fence, floor, gate, siding, wall, wood, gray
For this apartment building, HomePlus Southland custom-made all the fences.

Custom, finely co-ordinated detailing is the crowning gesture for any big project.

For this upmarket apartment complex, the customised exterior products were finished in a matching satin black powder coating and fitted in stages, as required, by franchisee HomePlus Southland.

This included the Edgetec Mini Post clamps for the frameless balustrades which provide clear views of the lake. The matching partition screens offer privacy between adjacent decks. Due to the area's strong winds, these are built using a commercial-grade balustrade post and heavyweight 120mm louvres all to the architect's specifications.

Satin black balustrade clamps were just one of alps, cloud, highland, hill station, lake, lake district, loch, mountain, mountain range, mountainous landforms, sky, snow, water, winter, gray, black
Satin black balustrade clamps were just one of the customised exterior products supplied by HomePlus Southland for this project.

HomePlus also supplied louvre screens in the same finish for the backyards, along with aluminium slat barrier fencing for security in common areas. The Edgetec commercial balustrade post was also used for the fencing for a consistent, finished look but with aluminium fence slat infill. The matching gates with locks are also by HomePlus Southland.

"An advantage of our custom solutions is that we use matching product systems to come up with a crisp, tailored solution," says franchisee owner Brendan Walker.

HomePlus offers custom solutions in everything from awnings, screens and doors to showers and everything in between.

Privacy screens  between decks on this projectwere property, real estate, roof, sea, sky, town, gray, black
Privacy screens between decks on this projectwere all custom-made and supplied by HomePlus Southland.

To contact any one of the 27 HomePlus stores nationwide, email: info@homeplus.co.nz, website: www.homeplus.co.nz

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27 Jul, 2016

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