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An inner-city Melbourne block evolves into QV a bustling hive of commercial, retail and residential activity
view of the xt operable glass louvres glass, iron, window, gray
view of the xt operable glass louvres

When the interior fit-out architects at the QV1 building wanted to solve the problem of cross ventilation throughout the various floors and winter garden spaces, they chose the Fineline-XT operable glass louvre system, from AGP to provide the solution.

The frameless glass louvre blades are fitted with specially designed seals, says project manager, Brett Pryor.

"The seals provide a system that was able to meet the fire engineer's requirements for air leakage. They also create a smoke barrier, which is an important requirement for the building in the event of a fire," says Pryor.

view of the xt operable glass louvres door, floor, flooring, glass, lobby, structure, white
view of the xt operable glass louvres

Vertical aluminium mullions house the operating mechanism and keeps the system's appearance clean and uncluttered.

This provides occupants with the flexibility to provide fresh air ventilation throughout the building, and also plays a vital role in a fire emergency.

In the event of fire, some louvres will automatically close, while others automatically open. This allows the building's smoke extraction system to operate effectively and efficiently.

view of the glass revolving doors architecture, building, condominium, door, facade, glass, reflection, structure, window, white, teal, black
view of the glass revolving doors

AGP also manufactured and installed the revolving doors at the main entrance. Much like the operable louvre system, the doors maintain the building's focus on energy efficiency.

"The revolving doors provide a prestigious entrance to the building, but from a more practical point of view they are the only entrance that provides an air-lock. This saves on energy bills by preventing air conditioned air escaping from the building when an occupant enters," says Pryor.

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Apr 01, 2005
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