Control the elements

Enjoy outdoor living - rain or shine - with a Vergola adjustable roofing system that protects you in all weather

Exterior view of outdoor living and poolside area estate, interior design, outdoor structure, patio, property, real estate, resort, roof, swimming pool, brown
Exterior view of outdoor living and poolside area under vergola

With global warming and the associated unpredictable weather conditions, it is imperative to protect your outdoor living areas, year-round. It is a nuisance, when on a warm, balmy evening your plans for entertaining are interrupted by rain.

With Vergola's adjustable roofing louvres, you can be sure your occasion will never be a washout. Vergola's interlocking BHP Colorbond Steel louvres automatically close to form a weatherproof shelter above your outdoor living area.

At the first hint of rain, a built-in rain sensor will automatically close the louvres, saving your alfresco meal from disaster. When the rain shower has passed, the louvres will return to the predetermined setting. The louvres can also be controlled manually - one flick of the switch will open or close them.

Shade, natural light, ventilation and insulation from the sun are other important considerations when establishing outdoor living areas. Vergola has designed its louvres to provide a solution for all these considerations.

The aerofoil wing-shape design of the double-skinned louvres provides good insulation. They deflect the heat that is transmitted from direct sunlight, reducing the hot-house effect which can be created by other shade structures.

view of the vergola louvres  on this daylighting, outdoor structure, property, real estate, roof, gray
view of the vergola louvres on this outdoor balcony that can be made from steel, timber of alluminium

By only slightly opening the louvres, a thermal air flow is created, helping to cool down the area.

When angled to reflect the sun, the louvres will provide shade and protection from UV light. By reducing the amount of direct sunlight on windows, it helps reduce cooling costs, says Vergola managing director Jitendra Ragunath.

The louvres can also be left open to create a naturally sunny, well-ventilated outdoor entertainment area, or closed to help with insulation on cooler winter days.

"A Vergola system will help create a comfortable year-round living environment, inside and out, while saving you hundreds on heating and cooling costs."

It is not just outdoor dining areas that can benefit from a Vergola. They can be used for shade and weather protection over patios, walkways, balconies, barbecue areas, swimming pools and carports.

Outdoor living space showing vergola and water feature awning, daylighting, outdoor structure, property, real estate, roof, shade, swimming pool, brown
Outdoor living space showing vergola and water feature

The structures are designed and built from timber, steel or aluminium to complement the architectural style of any home, and are customised to suit its location.

They can be freestanding or attached to an existing home, and are available in a variety of colours, says Ragunath.

"Within a year of developing the weather-resistant louvres, Vergola won the Prince Phillip Prize for Australian Design in the Building Industry and went on to win three Australian Design Council awards for innovation," he says.

Vergola is now sold throughout Australia and all five continents, including the United States, China, Israel, Middle East, Cyprus, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands.

For further details contact Vergola Australia (SA, NT, Vic, Tas, NSW, ACT, Qld), Freecall 1800 800 450, or Vergola International +61 8 8150 6888. Or visit the company's website at www.vergola.com.

Story by: Trendsideas

23 Aug, 2004