Coffee shop in the heart of Chengdu

Daodao Coffee is the cafe for everyone, with a stylish interior and a considered approach to function
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The bench, which wraps around into the main architecture, house, interior design, real estate, table, black, gray
The bench, which wraps around into the main counter, serves a place to people watch

Designer: Zhou YonggangAbout the project: When planning this new coffee shop in Chengdu, China, the designers wanted to ensure it was functional and an ideal place to relax.Stepping inside, you'll find an open space for customers to gather while they wait for their orders. Along the street-facing window, the designers included a bench facing out to the street. Behind the counter, there's plenty of room for staff to serve customers.The designers faced a challenge with regards to lighting, as the upstairs as no natural light. To partially solve the issue, they opted to create a double-height space above the ground floor."Relatively speaking, the first floor is an open area to provide a place for those tired shoppers to have an afternoon tea and chat with others to chill out," a representative from Sunshine PR explained."The external bar is designed for those who are waiting for their companions. Sitting at the bar, customers can enjoy the general view of the square. What’s more, the entrance of Intime city Commercial District is quite close to the bar."Sunshine PR


Sep 20, 2017





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