Graphex Insulated Facade System

An environmentally friendly building solution, The Graphex System incorporates Neopor®, an insulating product developed by BASF and used worldwide. Neopor® is a graphite composite made from expanded graphite amalgamated granules.The superior raw materials and... Read more

INTEGRA Leightweight Concrete Firewall Solutions

Resene Construction Systems Fire Rated Solutions have been carefully designed to New Zealand conditions and have been independently tested and assessed to make sure that they meet the performance criteria’s as outlined in NZBC C/VM2. It is... Read more

INTERGA Lightweight Concrete Facade System

The Rockcote INTEGRA LWC Facade System incorporates the latest drained rainscreen facade construction technology which incorporates a 20mm or 40mm drainage cavity. This system is a composite, BRANZ appraised exterior plastered facade system made ... Read more

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