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Originally part of a 1920s fishing camp, this remodeled cottage has been a summer retreat for generations
Story by: Colleen Hawkes
View of wooden shelving and cabinetry. bookcase, cabinetry, furniture, interior design, kitchen organizer, shelving, wood, brown
View of wooden shelving and cabinetry.

Summer vacations in the Western Mountains of Maine are all about escaping to the wilderness to fish in the pristine lakes, read good books, and enjoy the simple pleasures in life.

It's a lifestyle that has been popular for nearly a century. Even the current owners of this 1920s fishing camp have been coming here for 50 years. And although the main house in the camp has served a family of seven for all that time, the house was in need of a serious remodel, says Portland architect Stephen Blatt.

"The existing kitchen was in a separate building attached to the house, which was originally where the hired help prepared meals. This building was relocated across the lawn to become an art studio, and a new kitchen extension was built."

View of a casual dining area which features café, ceiling, dining room, furniture, home, interior design, lighting, living room, restaurant, room, table, wood, brown
View of a casual dining area which features a bench seat which backs onto the fireplace, dining room furnishings, windows, pine flooring.

Blatt says the owners were adamant that the traditional log-cabin construction of the house should be retained. Consequently, the extension was designed to look as though it had always been there. In addition to rustic wood beams and a stone fireplace, the architect incorporated cedar logs from another part of the house, which had been removed when an exterior wall was glazed.

The new kitchen was also designed to suit a serious chef one of the owners loves to cook, and grows her own vegetables on the property. To this end, there is a large professional range and ample maple butcher's block countertops.

Other traditional features include an island made from an antique filing cabinet, pine cabinets with contrasting fir panels, and ceramic backsplashes and countertops created by the owner, who is a ceramicist. The well-worn hanging pots and pans are still in daily use.

View of a new kitchen which was added café, interior design, kitchen, room, table, wood, brown, red
View of a new kitchen which was added to a log cabin and features pine floorboards, butcher's block countertops, ceramic tiled backsplash, doors and windows, lighting, kitchen appliances.

The kitchen incorporates a breakfast nook and an office area, with plenty of space for cook books. Further shelving is provided behind the kitchen, where the passage is lined with books.

Mar 03, 2009

Credit list

Fir and pine with natural finish
Maple butcher's block; and handmade ceramic tiles created by owner
Doors and windows
Southern hard yellow pine; and green slate tiles
Handmade ceramic tiles by owner
Fir beaded board
Garland commercial range with griddle
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