Boutique hotel captures sheen of Tui in vibrant Resene colours

The Naumi Auckland Airport Hotel offers guests a private, niche environment that celebrates art, quirkiness and reflects the colours of the New Zealand Tui bird in Resene paints

Ready to take flight – the exterior walls apartment, backyard, cottage, courtyard, estate, home, house, mixed use, outdoor structure, property, real estate, residential area, gray
Ready to take flight – the exterior walls and balconies of the Naumi Auckland Airport Hotel are finished in an array of Resene paints that together evoke the sheeny plummage of the Tui bird.

In a diverse hospitality market, the new Naumi Auckland Airport Hotel stands apart with a quirky theme, playful elements and colourful finishes.

Project designer Muir Design Solutions and interior designer Material Creative followed the international Naumi brand focus on individualistic, artistic themes for the private, well-situated hotel.

Material Creative designer Toni Brandso says the design took inspiration from our native Tui bird.

“Seemingly black from a distance, a closer inspection of this bird reveals shimmering arrays of metallic greens, purples and gold,” says Brandso.

Room balconies reflect the Tui’s sheeny plumage. These are in Resene Tiber, a deep teal, Resene Cutty Sark, a blue-green, Resene Onahau, a pastel blue, and Resene Moby, a playful mid blue.

The balance of the exterior is painted in Resene Tuna, a dignified grey. When using dark colours outside, Resene recommends using a Resene CoolColour to reduce heat build up and stress.

For details, head online: www.resene.co.nz

Story by: Trendsideas

04 Sep, 2018

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