Before plotting your new kitchen read this

Top kitchen designers reveal what they consider the best and worst things you could do before embarking on that dream kitchen 

Kitchen design by Kirsty Davis
Kitchen design by Kirsty Davis

The time for planning has arrived – whether it's a new kitchen for a new home or renovating and reinventing your existing kitchen. These tips from the Trends Design Council will get you off to the best start possible.

DO engage a professional  kitchen designer right from the get go

“I think engage a designer right at the start and basically why I'm saying that is architects are fantastic and I have a huge respect for the vision and approach that they take but I think kitchen design and bathroom design has become a build within a build now, just with the technology and product that's available.” – Davinia Sutton

"Having the right people on board and the right trades on board before you get too far into it means you don’t have to rush to make decisions – I think it is worthwhile in exploring the options in getting someone who has good knowledge and good contacts to help you sort out the design situation you’re in." – Kirsty Davis

“I think it is really important to invest in somebody like a designer that works with and understands a space. The most important thing about a kitchen is that you have the function, it can be whichever colour you like, there are so many materials out there and everyone has their different needs and requirements – but if you have a kitchen that does not function, it means nothing.” – Lara Farmilo

DON'T head out and buy the appliances off your own bat

“One of the worst things a homeowner can do is rushing out to have a look at all the appliances and purchasing things on sale without really getting someone on board to see if that is going to work in the space.” – Kirsty Davis

“I think appliances already bought is a huge mistake, that is limiting ourselves on the function of the space and how it could work the best because we may not have the space for a large 900mm oven 900 fridge-freezer and a variety of products that people don't realise take up so much space.  So – lets get the space right, the design right and then purchase appliances.” – Leonie Hamill

DO look around

“While it’s not advisable to commit to buying anything prior to your designer being involved, it can’t hurt to go online, have a look around, and see if anything catches your eye look around.” – Morgan Cronin

DO make a wish list – there’s nothing wrong with having a vision

“I think the most important thing is to have a very short list of what's really important for the owners and their kitchen – both in how they live and work as a couple, as a family or as an individual, and how they live and work in that space. And also how they want it to look, what appeals to them when it comes to the look and aesthetic of that space.” – Shane George

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12 Dec, 2021

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