Water wastage isn’t just bad for the environment, it’s expensive too, with every little bit of waste adding up to a bigger monthly water bill. 

Haven’t got around to fixing that dripping tap? You could be wasting a staggering 2000 litres of water every month. And that’s just one of the ways you and your family could be inadvertently wasting water. Fortunately, there are a number of simple, painless ways to reduce your water bill.

Here’s how to get started:

Shorten your showers

We all love a long, luxurious shower, but they’re big water wasters. Every minute you spend showering uses around seven litres of water. If you have a big family, that adds up! Grab a timer and get the family to keep their showers to less than four minutes. 

Stop the drip

If one leaky tap wastes up to 2000 litres a month, think about how much multiple leaks could end up costing you. Check all your taps for leaks and drips, including outdoor taps and showerheads, then fix them or call in a plumber asap. Avoid drips by turning the taps off tightly every time.

Turn off the taps

Leaving the tap running while you brush your teeth can waste up to five litres of water – when everyone in the family brushes twice a day, that can really add up. Get into the habit of turning the tap off every time, and remind the kids if they forget.

In the kitchen, plug the sink or fill a bowl with water to wash veggies or rinse dishes, rather than leaving the water flowing.

Water-saving gadgets

A simple, inexpensive water-saving device will pay for itself pretty quickly. Attaching an aerator to your kitchen and bathroom taps mixes air with the water as it comes out, saving water and reducing splashing at the same time. A flow regulator can help too, by reducing the flow of water, and installing a water-saving shower rose like the Toto Rei will give you the feeling of a high-pressure shower, without all the water use.

If you’re renovating or adding a new bathroom, think about a dual flush or low flow toilet to help reduce your water use. The LeVivi York Comfort (www.plumbingworld.co.nz) or Toto Alicante Toilet suites (www.plumbingworld.co.nz) are water-efficient, without compromising style. See more here www.plumbingworld.co.nz

Rain recycling

One way to reduce your water bill without depriving your garden is by installing a rain barrel or water tank to collect rainwater runoff from your roof. This water won’t be suitable for drinking, but it’s perfect for keeping your plants well hydrated. Marley rainwater harvesters are an excellent option here, combining sleek, sophisticated design with innovative filtering technology for cleaner water.

Ready to start saving water? The Plumbing World team can help. Pop into your nearest store for a chat, and they’ll give you tips, help you choose the right water saving devices, and even find an installer if you need one.

Find your local Plumbing World Home here www.plumbingworld.co.nz

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08 Jul, 2018

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