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Bright, strongly contrasting images and quality sound make viewing a pleasure when the television is from LG Electronics

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Take it to the edge LG Electronics provides a seamless viewing experience high-definition plasma screen

Ongoing improvements to viewing technology are turning most of us into discerning television buyers. No longer can manufacturers get away with offering grainy images, poor-quality sound or imprecise colour.

The selection of high-definition plasma screens and LCD televisions that's available from LG Electronics ensures home viewing is constantly improving.

LCD Television, the 47LY3DE, includes a built-in-twin HD display device, multimedia, product design, gray
LCD Television, the 47LY3DE, includes a built-in-twin HD tuner and a new XD Engine for improved brightness, contrast and colour.

LG televisions offer high-quality colour, contrast, image and sound, even for daytime viewing, and many of the company's televisions include a comprehensive range of features. The latest full high-definition technology has a resolution of 1080 pixels, ensuring sharp picture quality and lifelike colour. With a digital video recorder, you can record HD digital programmes to the TV's internal hard disk drive. LG's DVR plasma televisions will pause, rewind and replay live TV, and allow you to play the latest computer and video games. They also offer one-touch recording in HD, easy-time recording and the opportunity to skip the commercials.

With the high-definition plasma screen available from LG Electronics, an invisible speaker system provides realistic audio quality that is equal to movie theatres. Moving picture resolution allows the TV to play high-speed action images as clearly as still-cuts, preventing optical fatigue.

With the LCD television, the image colour and floor, furniture, hearth, home, interior design, living room, room, black
With the LCD television, the image colour and contrast are as good during daylight as they are at other times, with kane coutches with cushions with lepord theme, glass kane table and built seats inbewteen the television.

For more information or details of your local stockist, contact LG Electronics, 2 Wonderland Drive, Eastern Creek, NSW 2766, phone (02) 8805 4300, fax (02) 8805 4201. Email: info@lge.com.au. Visit the website: www.lge.com.au.

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17 Mar, 2009

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