An affordable and sustainable option for heating your pool

Ineffective pool heating becomes costly over time – so it's key to choose the most effective heating system that's available.

Heating your pool is not an upfront cost, so you may not give it as much consideration as you should. But using an ineffective heating method becomes costly over time, and means you will spend more in the long run. Because of this, it's important to choose an effective heating system.

One great method of heating your pool is with inbuilt insulation. Cascade pools are engineered to retain solar heat that other pools waste.

Cascade's INFILLFOAM, a 90mm refrigeration-grade insulated wall system, is included in its Ultimate pool range. The insulation blocks are 30% Styrobeck and 70% recycled refrigeration foam.

This system guarantees 90% heat retention – keeping heat from the sunlight to warm your pool, rather than actively heating it through potentially expensive methods, saving your pockets.

When combined with the use of a thermal pool cover, such as the Solar Thermal Retention blanket, your pool heating will be even more effective.


Some other benefits of Cascade pools include:

For more information about effective pool heating methods, visit Cascade Pools.

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The bell curve illustrates the relationship between operating cost and time of the year.
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Energy loss for outdoor pools diagram

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28 Jun, 2019

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