For the health of you and your family, it's best to reduce the presence of chemicals as much as possible. Here's one way to reduce chemical usage in your home's pool

With information now more accessible than ever, we're becoming more aware not only of how products we use impact the environment, but also us.

So why continue to use pool systems that require dangerous chemicals to stay clean? Well, you don't have to anymore.

Cascade Pools offer non-chlorine pools that require minimal chemical usage – their pools are 95% chlorine free! How do they achieve this? With a combination of the Aquagenie and Prozone systems.

The Aquagenie skimmer and water balance system uses Activated Oxygen (also known as Ozone) – a naturally occurring purification system to achieve fresh water circulation throughout your entire pool. This eliminates the need for almost all chlorine use.

Prozone similarly purifies pool water while neutralising harsh by-products of pool chemicals.

Say goodbye to stinging eyes, faded togs and that awful chlorine smell – with these systems in place, you can keep nasty chemicals to a minimum.


Some other benefits of Cascade pools include:

For more information about effective pool heating methods, visit Cascade Pools.

Story by: Trendsideas

Photography by: Cascade Industries Ltd

20 May, 2019

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