All year round Comfortable living every day with Central Heating NZ

Comfortable living every day with Central Heating NZ
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Warm comfortable living area.

Even though we enjoy a temperate climate, findings show that New Zealand homes are some of the coldest, due in part to the lack of a decent heating system.

This is beginning to change however, as more and more of us discover warm water central heating.

Warm water central heating has been globally recognised as the quietest and most efficient way to heat the home. As water carries heat more effectively than air, only a small amount is needed to provide the same heat through a home, compared to a forced-air system.

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Bathroom sink.

Central Heating New Zealand offers a range of proven warm water heating systems. Typically, these systems allow the user to heat as much or as little of the home as the situation requires.

Additionally, warm water systems offer healthier and more comfortable living environments, because they are silent and do not transmit dust allergens through the house. Also, radiant heat means there are no hot spots.

Underfloor and radiator systems can be installed in new and existing homes with a choice of heat sources such as gas, diesel or wood boilers and both air-source and ground-source heat pumps.

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Cross section of the Central heating underfloor.

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