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Transparency is a great word – at Cascade Pools integrity, straight-up communications and no hidden surprises are the backbone of their reliable pool building service

Building a pool is an important undertaking, after all what's at play is an investment in your family's recreation and backyard enjoyment along with adding an appreciating asset to your already most important asset.

As part of this you naturally have to consider all aspects of the project and the last thing you want is any unforeseen hiccups, whether it's a council bi-law or an extra late-surfacing cost.

With Cascade Pools there are never any sharp intakes of breath or late financing reshuffles – everything is up front and clearly explained.

Cascade teams talk you through everything anyway but this comprehensive response on Cascade's questions and answers pages gives you a pretty good idea of the company's complete transparency and professional drive to give you the best possible outcome for your new pool.


A. A Good Question! Cascade offers you a free WRITTEN QUOTATION which attempts to portray ALL the costs associated with a swimming pool project!   

Schedule "A" the standard pool inclusions, Schedule "B" some extras you might want to add to your pools, and Schedule "C" that every pool will need, whichever company you choose.

It's important to compare "Apples with Apples". 

Some builders go to great lengths to hide the "final figure", which can often be 30% more than the "apparent" quotation. 

Cascade is not frightened to publish its list prices for all pool models, and will NEVER exceed these prices. 

The only "hidden extras" are the few unknown costs which may be incurred – costs for which there is no easy answer before the work is done and charged for.

These include:

  • Building Approvals: Gone are the days of the $500 Building Permit! Since the Building Act 2004 costs can vary widely as Councils grapple with the conditions of the Act. North Shore City (Auckland) charges more than $2,000.00
  • Excavation & Soil Removal: We don't know in advance how much this is going to be, but allow $3,500-$5,000 if the bulk of your soil must be removed – more if the trucks can't back up to the pool site and a secondary "bobcat" must be used to trundle soil out to the street!
  • Electrical Connection for the pump and pool lights: It varies from job to job, and most people have a local "sparkie" anyway, but allow $1,250-$2,000 or thereabouts! (People often add 'Garden Lights' to the pool area.)
  • Underground Obstacles: We don't know what's down there until we dig the hole - and if we strike ROCK there might be a cost to REBUILD the excavation as well as remove the offending rock! - allow $500 - $700 for the rebuild! We call this the 'Undiscovered Country".
  • Tanker Fill water in rural areas, or where there is no Fire Hydrant to use – your own Bore or Tanks are generally not suitable for filling a swimming pool.
  • Extraordinary Council costs, like Resource Consents, Bonds etc: If there is anything unusual about the site, or any Maori Heritage that has to be addressed by the Brown Unitary Plan (assuming it is adopted).

This one response from Cascade Pools goes a long way to addressing all the issues that may arise and be addressed early on in the piece.

However whatever your questions, Cascade Pools will answer them directly – Cascade teams are approachable, informed and dedicated to make achieving your dream pool a stress-free, surprise-free experience.

You will never regret your custom Cascade Pool purchase, neither will your children, or their children for that matter.

Wherever you are in the country, phone Cascade Pools on 0800 227223, or head online here to find about more about turning your backyard lawn into a just-do-it playground.

Story by: Trendsideas

20 Mar, 2022

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