Residential New Single Dwelling (over 250m²) Award winner, sponsored by Trends Publishing International Chris Sargeant, Chris Sargeant Design, Dunedin Gerrard residence, Dunedin

Exterior view of this contemporary home architecture, building, facade, home, house, property, real estate, roof, white, gray
Exterior view of this contemporary home

The site for this residence was a steep piece of peninsula land overlooking the Otago Harbour bounded by mature gums at each side, a cliff face at the bottom and difficult road access at the rear.

The brief was for a four-bedroom home that opened to the harbour view yet provided privacy from the road. The building needed a sense of permanence and integrity with the surrounding environment the owners wanted to capture the sense of living on the water.

Chris Sargeant Design's response was to create a two-level prefabricated concrete panel building supported on pillars, with a sawtooth footprint that represented the area available to build on. Other materials include stainless and galvanised steel, imported hardwood and generous double glazing.

A bridge links the main building to the road, also providing vehicle access to a separate two-car garage.

Natural concrete with a mottled surface was chosen as the exterior finish on the two structures, to blend in with the gum trees. The form of the pillars echoes that of the tree trunks.

Flat roofs were employed to comply with city council height restrictions. A raised roof over the stairwell provides soft light into the foyer and stairwell area.

The Chris Sargeant Design home offers uninterrupted views and living areas served by perimeter decking.

Story by: Trendsideas

16 Oct, 2010