A weatherboard fence looks good from all angles

Choosing a weatherboard fence to complement a weatherboard house is a popular option – and with so many benefits it's not hard to see why

Choosing a weatherboard fence to complement a weatherboard house is a popular option. 

Not only does it continue the shadow line pattern of the house cladding but it allows the colour of the home to feature on the section’s exterior. 

Running the fence in line with the house—like this new home located in Lincoln, Canterbury, is a clever way to continue the house profile horizontally, often adding grandeur to a restricted section space. 

Timber weatherboards are classed as a lightweight cladding option. 

At almost three times lighter than man-made weatherboard alternatives Envira puts less strain on posts and hinges, while remaining strong, flexible and ready to handle fence knocks associated with everyday family living. 

For easy installation build your fence using Envira scribers to create a gap-free finish for easy painting, added privacy and structural strength. 

Another benefit of a weatherboard fence is they look great from both sides—no need to face your neighbours with the ‘bad side of the fence’. Fences facing the street will look great both from inside and out. 

As an alternative to the horizontal lines of the bevel back (pictured) or rusticated weatherboards, the Envira range offers a shiplap profile weatherboard that looks great installed vertically. 

A stylish option for fences and other landscaping features including deck edging, entertainment/seating areas, planting boxes and even children’s play areas.

The Christchurch home featured in this collection is a quality build by R.E.B Builders Ltd.

Story by: Trendsideas

09 Jun, 2017

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