A new take on the ski village

Villas Winterberg is a reimagining of the traditional ski village, with a strong emphasis on sustainability and liveability

The villas are equally liveable during summer architecture, cottage, estate, farmhouse, home, house, property, real estate, brown, white
The villas are equally liveable during summer

Architect: Third Skin - Architecture by Joel RosaPhotographer: Steffi RostAbout the project: Villas Winterberg is a thoughtful and sustainable project, capturing the best in contemporary architecture and interior design. It’s both beautiful and liveable.It's an excellent example of a structure built with its own sense of identity and modern functionalism. While it stands out from the normal ski villa, it also relates to its surroundings in a respect way.All villas needed to be comfortable and have a layout and internal environment that would provide promote well-being. Large windows were another key requirement in order to provide plenty of natural light and panoramic views to make users feel more in touch with nature.

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17 Oct, 2017

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