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You won't believe your eyes or ears when you encounter Samsung's latest high-definition home theatre systems

Wireless module with TX card for DVD recorder. automotive design, product, product design, technology, white, black
Wireless module with TX card for DVD recorder.

With the arrival of digital technology came the promise of convergence the ability to experience different forms and formats of media through a single appliance.

Samsung's latest home theatre systems realise this goal. USB hosting allows the user to plug in compatible (plug & play) MP3 players, digital cameras, and USB thumb drives to their home theatre to play music, view photographs and watch digital format movies.

Samsung's range of high-definition (HD) televisions and home theatre systems feature a High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) atechnology that enables the transmission of a 100% digital signal through a single cable for optimal sound and image quality.

Audio source splitting is not possible through conventional single cable technology, but Samsung home theatre systems now offer this option. An HDMI switching function allows the user to play audio through either the home theatre speakers or the TV speakers.

View of back of home theatre system with computer component, computer hardware, electronic device, electronics, electronics accessory, multimedia, product, technology, gray, black
View of back of home theatre system with USB port.

Samsung's HypervisionTM (the latest upscaling technology) increases the signal quality from a standard DVD to either 720p or 1080i resolution. This is a high-definition picture superior to that delivered by a standard DVD player.

A six-speaker, multi-channel setup provides surround sound; the simulation of the theatre experience by surrounding the listener with sound coming from different points around the room.

Samsung home theatre systems feature Wireless ReadyTM which means they can be converted to a wireless setup within a matter of minutes. The optional rear-channel module does away with cables running between the DVD receiver and rear-channel speaker.

Instead, the rear speakers connect to a compact wireless module that communicates with your DVD receiver. Operating at a 2.4ghz broadband frequency, it is guaranteed not to interfere with any of your other wireless appliances, enabling easy integration with your existing wireless network.

Lounge room with white walls and flooring, and electronics, interior design, multimedia, product, product design, technology, white
Lounge room with white walls and flooring, and LCD tv on shelf with attached home theatre system.

Samsung's HD displays, DVD and DVDR players, and home theatre systems provide a complete digital solution to your home entertainment needs. Its 2006 home theatre systems are designed to match its new HD plasma and LCD screen televisions to ensure aesthetic harmony.

For more details, contact Samsung Electronics Australia, phone 1300 369 600. Website: www.samsung.com.au.

Story by: Trendsideas

24 Nov, 2006