A coffee table designed for you and your cat

This new table is safe retreat for your feline friend and a stylish end table to boot

Designed by Krab furniture, product, product design, shelf, table, gray, brown
Designed by Krab

From the designer: 

We all know cats love boxes. It gives them a secure, hidden spot where they're able to keep an eye on what's happening around them. That’s why we created Nest. 

Nest, is a minimal, high-end, plywood based box.

Your cat loves to hide and feel safe. In nest, they can expect a comfy little spot to feel sheltered. 

We used comfortable materials inside the box. 

Nest is also made for the owner. You can easily adapt it to your personal style, using it as a coffee or side table, next to your sofa.

About Krab

To explain the concept of Krab we need to tell you about the beginning. Wout, co-founder of Krab, has two adorable kittens, Boris and Pippa. He wanted to find a pleasant hangout for them to fully enjoy their city home. 

Unfortunately he couldn’t find anything to please his cats without disturbing his charming interior. So he contacted his friend Nikita, a designer. 

Together they spent many months creating 3 complimentary modules to fit around a cat’s lifestyle. The modules will suit any home interior and are designed to please owner and cat alike.

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10 May, 2017

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