A bar like you've never seen

Beer Belly, a new bar in Long Beach, features a number of unique materials, including douglas fir, blackened metal and glass
Story by: David Renwick
A wider view of the bar area furniture, interior design, table, black, white
A wider view of the bar area

Architect: MAKE ArchitectureAbout the project (text supplied): This architect sought to utilise the existing douglas fir wood truss ceiling as a dominant architectural feature by creating continuous skeletal forms emanating from the ceiling that wrap down and become floating table tops at bar area as well as angle down and provide the spatial definition of the booths adjacent to the bar.


Douglas fir runs along the bar area architecture, furniture, interior design, table, black, gray
Douglas fir runs along the bar area

The main bar, situated just opposite the glass-clad table tops comprised of douglas fir framing members, is clad in an undulating “blackened” metal with sleek, yet crunched forms- almost in re-appropriated artifact fashion. Glass 'blade' internally lit shelves provide visual datums within the rear wall of bar and extending around the bar corner into the booths area adjacent.

Dec 07, 2017






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