6 watertight reasons to choose a Master Pool Builder

A pool is a major undertaking – one that your family will thank you for every day – so do it once, do it right and involve a Master Pool Builder right from the outset

Here are the broad strokes why you should choose a Master Pool Builder for your pool undertaking

1/ Dealing with professionals when it really counts

You will deal with a pool builder, installer, pool shop, or service technician who can discuss pool issues, construction details, solve site problems, provide the fairest deal, the best price and offer expert advice on all aspects of installing and maintaining your pool. There’s also a forum where you can engage with a professional master builder.

2/ Up with the play

Your NZ Master Pool Builder Member receives regular updates on any new regulations and changes to bylaws that might affect or even benefit your pool project – this includes negotiating any Council, Building Codes and Local Bylaws with the least cost to you.

3/ Reassuring competency

Your Certified Master Pool Builder has undertaken diplomas and pool builder’s licences that take his or her skills to an extremely high level of competency – talk to a master pool builder and you are talking to a highly qualified expert.

4/ Well connected – their inside knowledge benefits you

Your pool Master Pool Builder Member regularly meets with pool shop owners, trade member suppliers, service technicians and other trades that as a customer you’re not privy to – these connections are invaluable and can result in saved money and optimum product choices.

5/ Speedy solutions to council or building consent issues

Dealing with tricky legislative or bylaw issues can be tiresome and even costly – a Master Pool Builder on your side gives you a great informed ally when addressing that tricky application or council requirement.

6/ In your corner

As an unbiased and widely respected industry group, The Master Pool Builders’ Association offers the powerful advantage of helping to resolve any unforeseen issues, such as any differences between you and your pool builder.

These are strong reasons to get a Master pool Builder involved in your new pool or pool renovation project right from the outset – they are further expanded upon on here on The New Zealand Pool Industry website.

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29 Aug, 2021

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