5 budget friendly ways to renovate

A conservatory? Over budget! That wall gone? Over budget! A cathedral ceiling over the kitchen, maybe? Way over budget! Luckily there are more modest changes you can make to your home that also have a big impact

One way to reinvent your home's ambience is ceiling, floor, home, interior design, lighting, living room, real estate, room, wall, teal, black
One way to reinvent your home's ambience is with a paint brush. Start with the rooms that have the biggest impact such as your living area or kitchen. The walls and the ceilings of all the rooms in this apartment are finished in Anthracite grey. Read the full story here

We all want to change our home once in a while looking to make it better or more beautiful. Whether it’s a new lamp on the accent table in our living room, a new picture on the wall, or installing a camera for improving our home security, we enjoy small differences

Although comprehensively renovating your home is expensive, you can still make some home improvements even if on a tight budget. However, some will require your DIY skills. And while people often think DIY is difficult and time-consuming, it needn't be. Actually, it can be pretty fun and satisfying to do the job yourself. Here are 5 home renovation tips you can easily achieve under your own steam.

1.   Make Small and Simple Improvements

You know how they say, “happiness is in the little things”? Well, that’s also true for making small improvements around your home. They might seem unnoticeable, but once you finish all small fixes, the change is going to be visible. For example, you can:

•    Paint your rooms – you don’t have to paint your entire home, but perhaps only your living room and the kitchen since you spend most of your time there. Plus, these rooms are visible to your guests, so they will immediately notice the change. When changing the colour of your rooms, make sure it’s quite different from the previous colour scheme and offers a modern feel.

•      Paint your flooring – changing your home’s entire flooring can be a prohibitive cost, so if your budget is small, simply change the colour of the floors you already have. There are some great durable floor paints that will make your floor look brand new.

•      Install crown mouldings – although it’s a simple trim you can place yourself, the crown moulding will completely change the look of your rooms. It will make them look more sophisticated and increase their aesthetic appeal.

•      Refinish your wooden furniture – if you don’t have a big enough budget to change your wooden furniture, you can simply rejuvenate it. This can be done simply by adding a new finish to wooden pieces of furniture, such as a tv stand or even your kitchen cabinets.

This beautiful kitchen features elegant pendant lighting. Change cabinetry, countertop, cuisine classique, interior design, kitchen, real estate, room, gray
This beautiful kitchen features elegant pendant lighting. Change your lamps and change your living spaces. Lighting and lamps make a world of design difference. See the original story here

2.   Change the lighting

Rethinking your lighting will also work its magic on your home’s ambience. So, you can swap out some older, out-dated lamps for simple, modern ones. Most often, modern lamps are simple, stylish and affordable. So, you can easily find suitable lights in a local store or online. When choosing the lights consider that you may also want to change your lighting to dimmer or brighter, depending on your current scheme.

 Simply reconfiguring your furniture can bring a world architecture, coffee table, couch, design, floor, flooring, furniture, home, house, interior design, living room, table, de Vito Architecture + Constrcution
 Simply reconfiguring your furniture can bring a world of change. This interior reflects an elegant placement of everything. See the full story here

3.   Rearrange the furniture

Okay, this one sounds silly, but it really works. Most of us take this step when we don’t have money to do anything at all, but can’t look at our room anymore. So, not having to spend money but still change the way your room looks is exactly what you need. Grab that TV stand and pull it to another wall, change your sofa and armchair order, and relocate the dining table. And, if you have small storage next to the TV stand, but don’t like it, just separate it from the stand and put it in another room, the basement, or give it away

Out with the old. Tired cushions? Biff 'em, life's too short to keep company with tired decor. This would obviously be an 'after' image! 

4.   Replace the cheaper home décor

Do you have some old pillows on your sofa or on the bed in your bedroom? Change them. Get rid of them and buy some modern ones that work well with your colours and furniture. Or maybe you have some other out-dated home accessories that have fallen from grace. So replace them, too. Accessories beautify our home and replacing them is an affordable, efficient way to make your home look different.

Good deal hunting – savvy online sourcing of teal
Good deal hunting – savvy online sourcing of new pieces for your home greatly expands what your budget will permit. Click, receive, renovate!

5.   Shop on sale

When you need something in your home, it’s always good to follow the sales in local or online stores. Moreover, you can find cheaper products on the websites of the local stores since they tend to use the “Shop online and save money” method to attract customers and increase sales. Additionally, you can wait for the big festivals, such as Friday the 13th or Black Friday, to buy items that are on 70% sale. These strategies let you acquire things you need for your home at a lower price.

As you can see, renovating your home doesn’t have to be expensive. You just need to know what small improvements you can make in order to change the way your home looks and feels. You should always start with the small things because they don’t require much time or developed DIY skills.

Story by: Edward Jones

16 Feb, 2020

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