More space? More light? This addition to a 1920s bungalow provides both, and links the two buildings with a finely landscaped courtyard

A new north facing living space, master 'retreat' area to a fine scale landscaped courtyard

Architect: Source Architects

Interior design: Micaela Outtrim

About the project: 

On a compact suburb site, this extension to a 1920’s Bungalow seeks to provide new north-facing living space and master 'retreat' area to a fine scale landscaped courtyard. 

The northern light was an important aspect of the extension, as the existing house, whilst in very good condition, had only one room with a north-facing window.

It was established early in the project that the existing house couldn't provide enough of the new living spaces required and so it was retained for additional bedrooms, study and bathroom areas.

The extension at the rear of the site is a simple extrusion that places the kitchen in the middle of the house and provides the essential northern light to the living and dining areas. 

The form of the extension has raised roofs and ceiling that rises and falls to the east and west,  contrasting with the northern facade to catch light at particular times of the day and to complement the use of each space.

The new master bedroom suite was set to the rear of the site as the clients' brief set out in the very first meeting was that they wanted a Japanese style bath in the ensuite. 

This played an important aspect to the placement as it was felt that the ensuite needed some separation from the rest of the house and also an outlook to a garden space, while still maintaining privacy.

Story by: Trendsideas

Photography by: Tom Ferguson

22 Mar, 2020

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