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98% of users own their own home and intend to spend in excess of $4.1 billion on their projects in the next 12 months.




  • 200,000 monthly page views (June 2020)
  • 33,068 unique users (June 2020)
  • 95% own their own home
  • $716,000 average home value
  • $112,000 average HHI
  • $186,000 average project value
  • 24,000+ Registered Users
  • 78% will choose products for their project
  • $4.1 Billion – value of this audience spend
  • 23% aged 25-34, 19% aged35-44, 20% aged45-54
  • 65.5% female
  • 34.5% male
  • 01:45 average visit duration

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